We are often asked how you can get a quick, accurate assessment of your body’s essential OMEGA fatty acids. So we’ve partnered with a top lab to offer an easy OMEGA Home Test Kit available online.

holman-omega3-test-kitAvailable for shipment anywhere in the Continental USA.


  • Home test kit with complete instructions
  • Self-mailer for Holman Test Lab
  • Holman OMEGA-3 Test Results report with your fatty acid profile, including OMEGA-6 and OMEGA-3 levels and information to help interpret your index. This report can help you and your practitioner make informed choices about your diet and any suggested supplemental OMEGA-3 nutrition.
*Analysis of OMEGA-3 fatty acids is not meant to diagnose, treat or mitigate disease.  

For California & New York Residents

California Residents: State law requires a doctor’s order or an order from another healthcare provider licensed to prescribe in California in order for Lipid Technologies to provide test results. After receiving your test kit, return your blood samples to Lipid Technologies in the pre-addressed postage paid envelope provided with a copy of a prescription or order from your healthcare provider. 
New York Residents: State law prohibits Lipid Technologies from collecting blood samples or sending results to residents of the state of New York. Therefore, we are unable to process internet order from customers in New York at this time.

The Holman OMEGA-3 test can be your FIRST STEP towards achieving the vibrant health you deserve. This easy-to-use home sample collection kit offers a way to get a quick, accurate assessment of your essential fatty acid status. When you send in your sample, you’ll receive a report that identifies your entire fatty acid profile, focusing on your OMEGA-6 and OMEGA-3 levels. The results contain important information that can help you make informed choices about your diet and reduce your risk of inflammatory diseases.

By repeating this test every 3-6 months, you will be able to visually track your progress and see how the changes you made in your diet (reducing OMEGA-6s & adding OMEGA-3s) are helping to improve your overall health.

Omega Foods has partnered up with Lipid Technologies, LLC, who has been in existence since 1995. The firm serves the fatty acid and lipid analytical needs of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Fortune 500 food companies, the Department of Defense, and university and clinical researchers. Lipid Technologies is also associated with a large network of highly specialized lipid scientists and medical professionals that supports its technological consulting.

Will doing the blood sample hurt?

You will use the small, spring-loaded lancet device to do your fingertip prick. Once pressed on your fingertip, you will feel a ‘sting’, but it should only last a couple of seconds.

How does the lancet device work?

Hold the lancet on your fingertip, press until you hear a ‘click’. Once the click is heard, you have successfully used the lancet. You will see a small dot of blood coming from the pricked area. Sometimes it helps to have someone else push the lancet on your fingertip.

How much blood do I need to provide for the sample?

You will need only four drops of blood—just enough blood to cover each circle on the collection card. It is best to dangle your hand down by your side for a brief time, then prick your fingertip when it is warm. Once you have applied the drops of blood to the collection card, allow it to dry for at least 30 minutes before you place it in the envelope for mailing.

Does my insurance cover the cost of this test?

Unfortunately this test is not covered by insurance at this time.

Are the results of my test kept private?

Absolutely! Your privacy is important to us! You send your blood test directly to Lipid Technologies. Omega Foods is not involved in the process, and does not have access to your results at any time. Once your results are ready, Lipid Technologies will send them directly to you. You have the option to have your results emailed to you, mailed or both.

Once I take the test, how long before I receive my results?

Approximately 3-5 weeks. If you choose to have your results emailed to you, you may receive them before the 3-5 week time frame. Make sure you monitor your email ‘junk or trash’ folders during this time, as the results may accidentally get filtered there.

I’ve received my results, what do I do next?

We recommend and encourage you to share the results with your healthcare provider but that is up to you. Omega Foods would love to be a part of your daily OMEGA-3 intake by providing you OMEGA-enhanced food and supplemental liquid oil options to help you raise your OMEGA-3 levels. At Omega Foods, we provide foods for you and your family to eat with health-impacting levels of OMEGA-3 and low levels of OMEGA-6. It’s ‘More of the OMEGAs You (and your family) Need’.

Where should my target range be on the OMEGA-3 Index?

If your score is 4% or less, it is an indicator that you are at a higher risk for heart disease. A score of 8% or higher is an indicator of a relatively low risk. (The OMEGA-3 Index test results are represented by the score that studies have shown to evaluate your risk of heart disease.)

Why is my OMEGA-3 Index low if I am taking OMEGA-3 supplements and/or eating fish?

Many factors can influence your body’s response to EPA/DHA levels. Your age, sex, weight, dietary and genetic factors, smoking, medications, your medical condition and the source and quality of OMEGA-3s you are taking are all factors. Even how you are consuming (supplement or through food in which it is digested easier) are all factors.

If your scores are below your desired level consuming high OMEGA-3 fish containing EPA/DHA, taking high-quality OMEGA-3 fish oil like our TruMega® liquid oil, and eating Omega Foods products will help you get your scores to your desired level.

What is a target range for OMEGA-6 to OMEGA-3 balance?

Studies indicate that a ratio below 5:1 is optimal and that a ratio of 2:1 would be ideal.

What if my target range for the OMEGA-6 to OMEGA-3 balance is above the 5:1 ratio?

Experts report that in order to reduce your OMEGA-6 to OMEGA-3 ratio, you will need to decrease your consumption of OMEGA-6 and increase your OMEGA-3 consumption. See www.EFAeducation.org.

Should I retake the Holman OMEGA-3 Test?

If your scores are lower than desired, we recommend you retake the Holman OMEGA-3 Test 3-5 months after your initial test. This will give your body time to adjust to your new diet. If your scores are at your desirable level, great job! Keep it up! We then recommend you retake the test in about one year.

After you begin your new diet, you can expect to see some impact on your OMEGA-6 and OMEGA-3 ratio scores within two weeks. However, longer periods are required to fully affect blood cells. For more information or questions on your Holman OMEGA-3 Test, please email us

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