It seems like everyone alters their diet when a heart issue comes up. Heart disease runs in the family? Better eat more fish! High cholesterol? Let’s stock up on Cheerios! …But what about when joint pain or arthritis arise?

Because high quality omega-3 fish oil is anti-inflammatory, adding a high dose to your diet can actually decrease the inflammation surrounding not your only your heart, but also your joints reducing pain.

However, if you don’t eat fish very often it can be hard to get enough omega-3 in your diet to make a difference.

Omega Foods is changing that by changing the way people view omega-3. Our omega-3 infused pasta sauce flavors offer 200mg of omega-3 per serving AND taste delicious. While your family is sitting down eating your favorite Italian dish, you will have no idea you’re actually fighting inflammation at the same time. In addition, taking a single teaspoon of our pure TruMega® Fish Oil a day adds an essential 1,100mg of EPA/DHA omega-3 to your daily diet.

If you’re tired of not being able to do the things you used to do because your joints hurt, try Omega Foods’ pasta sauces and TruMega® Fish Oil today and get back to your pain free life. Click here to find a store selling our Traditional, Marinara and Santa Fe Chipotle sauces near you. Or order your first bottle of TruMega® online today.

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