Since February is American Heart Month, when searching for the perfect recipe or for the perfect restaurant this Valentine’s Day, make sure you consider your heart health.

Even though it might taste amazing, going to the closest burger joint with your favorite cheese curds or mozzarella sticks probably isn’t the best idea. Not only are these foods messy (we’re pretty sure your date will want you looking fresh), but they are loaded with inflammation causing omega-6 fatty acids. By eating too much omega-6 (like the vegetable oils used to deep fry food), without eating enough omega-3 (like the oil found in fish), you’ll be putting yourself AND your date at risk for heart problems down the road. Now, that sounds like a bad date!

Want to make it a good date? Search around for restaurants serving omega-3 rich foods like fish or seafood. Don’t like fish or seafood? You could always stay in and treat your date to a candle lit dinner made by you! Pick up a jar of our delicious pasta sauces loaded with 200mg of omega-3 per serving at a store near you.

Show your date you care this Saturday by taking care of his or her heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!