Your brain is important. But you already knew that. It is fundamental to all aspects of your life, both primitive and progressive. That’s why it’s important to start taking care of it from day one!

By making sure your family’s diet contains between 250mg – 1,000mg of DHA/EPA omega-3 nutrients a day, you won’t only be supporting healthy brain development for your kids, you’ll be sustaining and improving your own brain function too.

In fact, did you know studies are currently underway to find out if omega-3 could significantly reduce the risk of debilitating health issues including Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and the effects of traumatic brain injuries. Furthermore, researchers have found a direct link between omega-3 consumption and improved ADHD symptoms.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t sit back and wait for brain issues to start appearing. Add omega-3 to your diet today by pouring our TruMega® Liquid Fish Oil into your morning juice or using our omega-3 rich tomato sauce in all your tomato based dinners. Click here to find a store near you so your family can start to Live. Outside the Jar.